Thursday, April 19, 2007

Credit Scores

Credit Scores can be your enemy or they can be your friend. The key to improving your quality of life, is improving your credit score. Therefore I have put together some steps that will assist you in improving your current credit score.

1. Find out where you stand by ordering all three credit reports and scores
2. Pay close attention to all of the items listed on your credit report and make sure that you document which debts are accurate and which ones aren't.
3. The next step is to dispute all inaccurate information to ALL three credit agencies (Equifax, Experian and Transunion).
4. Give yourself a 30 day window in which to have these items validated by the agencies. The agencies should send you the status of their investigation within 45-60 days of your initial contact with them
5. While you are waiting to hear back from the credit reporting agencies, clear up any valid collections by paying them off or setting up a realistic payment plan. Remember if you do set up a payment plan, you have to follow it through to the end or you may damage your credit score even further.
6. Once you receive your updated credit reports from the agencies in approximately 30-45 days after, you will see a change for the better in your credit scores.

Next steps are to simply maintain your good credit. Remember banks don't judge you by how nice of a person you are, they want to see and know that you honor your financial commitments.

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