Tuesday, June 17, 2008


In today's competitive market you have to shine above your competition. Therefore it is critical to interview well. A poor interview can result in a lost opportunity, so here are a few tips to consider when you're looking for your new opportunity.

1. Appearance - You always want to dress to impress. It doesn't matter if the job opportunity you are seeking is one of a street sweeper. Make sure that you are the sharpest street cleaner in your town.

2. Preparation - Always do your research on the company before you have a telephone or face to face interview. If you truly are interested in the position, then you need to know what the company's background and philosophy is to make sure it's a good fit.

3. Resume - There are thousands of online tools that will show you how to prepare a good resume. The best rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Although that may be hard to do within the Technology field, just remember to keep it as clean as possible. Also put your technical skills (i.e. hardware, software, networks, protocols) under each job you've held. It's okay to list skill sets under a summary, but most employers and HR professionals want to see when and how you used those skills.

4. Questions - Make sure you are prepared to ask questions. Remember this new job is like a partnership or marriage. You must get a good feel for what your new partner expects in this new relationship. Remember, never start off talking about money, you haven't gotten the job just yet, therefore tell your potential employer that you're looking for the best possible offer.

5. Follow-Up - I can not stress this enough. Always send a thank you email or follow up email to let your potential employer know you appreciate the opportunity. In other words, you're letting them know that you are interested and you're asking for the job.

6. Stay Encouraged - Unfortunately, you may have a few turn downs, but that's okay...be encouraged! That just means that it wasn't the right job for you. Remember you are entitled to have that perfect job that you seek. Your time will come, but you've got to keep the right attitude!

Finally, keep sending out those resumes and networking.. You are your own Marketing tool, so get out there and make yourself known. Your New DREAMJOB is right around the corner.

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